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My name is one of a kind,MARiSA. I am a proud graduated Dental Assistant! I'm a Sagittarius & I love astrology I like reading deep books about, faith, horror or Based on a real stories. I enjoy comedy and paranormal tv shows. I love family guy and It never ceases to bore me. I am very dedicated to my boyfriend of 7 years ,Matthew ♥ I am also very dedicated to web/graphic design and hope to make a career involving both. I am very nice.I do not like foul langauge. I know English and little Spanish. I am Hispanic. I enjoy seeing all kinds of art , from fancy art to graffiti. I am currently the only person moderating this site and I have managed about 3/4 before. My most common used one was EnvyKiss. I love designing it's my own Getaway to relieve my mind. I feel like GOOD art can tell stories, bring memories or make you have some type of Emotion. I mostly use Photoshop& Illustrat.or. For other things, CuteFTP, BlueVoda, Dreamweaver, Camtasia and After Effects. I used to use Paint Shop Pro but i grew out of it as soon as i got a hold of ps cs4. My favorite things to create are brushes or use my Wacom tablet :D I have a HP ENVYm4 and I am in LOVE with it. I currently use google chrome, it's similar to Firefox but it has a lot more feature that i prefer over FF. I've been creating graphics since AOL was the popular (any long time designer should know what i am saying). I am an extremely nice person and tries to think positive. I love making new friends online and i still have long time designer friends who I still keep in touch with.

My favorite youtube channels

Joel Osteen
Jenna Marbles